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About Us

About Us


CIFSE is situated in a very calm and quiet atmosphere, at the outskirts of the city of Duliajan. The environment is fresh and lonely enabling students to concentrate on their studies. The curriculum is designed with regular practical and technical visits. Students are regularly exposed to various fire fighting appliances and equipments. To cater the needs of the outstation students separate hired hostels and quality mess facilities for boys and girls are provided at reasonable rates.

CIFSE is mainly focuses on the innovative approach to Fire & Safety Engineering . It has a very noble cause of fulfilling the need of our society and country by providing effective education and highest standard training to the students in this field, resulting ultimately into the reduction of the precious human life and valued property loss due to Fires. CIFSE is continuously striving to achieve this goal by conducting various courses with extensive practical/technical visits/Attachment Training Programs.

CIFSE is committed to provide better education, to ensure that all the students get better and quick jobs they are provided with practical attachment training in leading organizations like Kanpur Fertilizers Cement Ltd , Panki Thermal Power Station, and Municipal Corporations etc. Central Institute of Fire & safety Engineering is situated in Kanpur which is one of the proud cities of the State Uttar Pradesh where new education & technical development are at a rapid pace Kanpur has always concentrated on the quality of education.

We know that education fundamentals for the complete development of individuals. As we grow, we will expand in to new technologies. Central Institute of Fire and Safety Engineering has been founded to produce skilled and trained professionals in the field of engineering and safety.

Since last two years, we have seen tremendous progress in the field of fire services & growth in fire technology development in entire India. Different type of industries, commerce, building, infrastructure etc. brings the necessity to efficiently and effectively channelize the manpower of the country. Fire, Safety, Health and Environment are prime issues and implied concerns for this new breed. This is the reason which places a premium on well trained young men and women possessing superior sills in these areas. It is to impart this relevant education to the young men and women that the specialized educational programs are being offered by CIFSE. The educational programs are being offered by CIFSE are based on contemporary theory and practice to provide strong conceptual foundations to those aspiring rewarding careers and high position jobs in these new fields. CIFSE’s track record of excellence is impeccable.

The current requirements of Fire, Safety and Security education are shaped by the New World industrial order, economic, technological and legal factors. CIFSE is a professional Institute that seeks to better society by developing leaders in the world of practical affairs. We create and deliver education and research to advance knowledge and practice of business community. Our goal is to become National and then an International leader in the chosen field of education widely recognized by the business and academic communities for our –

  1. Action-Oriented students who take an enterprise perspective and lead with determination, vision, judgment, integrity, and social responsibility.
  2. Outstanding student-centered teaching that results from faculty working together and being committed to the development of the students as the individual.
  3. Integrated, innovative and modular curriculum attuned to the lifelong learning needs of the current and future enterprises.
  4. Supportive and equitable learning climate characterized by engagement with issues of diversity.


  1. To establish as India’s premier Institute of Fire & Safety Engineering.
  2. To pursue for attending and imparting the highest standard of teaching and training in the field of Fire & Safety Engineering.


  1. To create awareness of “The quality of life protection” through fire safety training programs.
  2. To induce lifelong learning knowledge skills, for social and personal development.


  1. To develop high academic standards and quality of education for its programs so as to extend limitations beyond traditional classroom situations.
  2. To create through effective education, training and research, a renewable talent bank in varied disciplines.
  3. To assist in development of new methods and process of fire engineering services, skills and analytical techniques.
  4. To develop managerial/leadership abilities and analytical skills, training, communication with the community and interaction with government and statutory authorities.
  5. To promote placements in various industries / organizations.
  6. To create awareness about Fire and precautions to avoid miss-happenings due to Fire.
  7. To expertise mankind in using machines and allied equipments more effectively during Fire, excess environmental pollution and hazards associated with them.
  8. To minimize loses of life and property due to Fire by producing skilled professionals who can standby firmly during calamities.
  9. To carve out trained professionals to fulfill the necessities of a fully fledged Safety and Environment Control Department, as this is now felt by emerging competitive environment industries and businesses.


  1. Highly qualified, skilled and experienced staff having practical fire fighting knowledge.
  2. Regular exposure of students to various equipments and appliances associated with fire.
  3. Vast and varied practical curriculum.
  4. Regular Technical visits to industries, organizations and places involving high fire risks in order to encourage and build-up the student’s fire fighting courageous knowledge.
  5. Practical attachment training in leading organizations.
  6. Fresh, friendly, energetic and interlinking environment between the staff and students.


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